Café Marita Verde com Erva Mate

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Green Coffee and Yerba Mate - Blend of soluble gourmet coffee.

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Marita Green Coffee is the Coffee of the definition: Marita verde has in its composition the Svetol® ingredient with scientific properties of selective reduction of fat mass, without muscle loss or water. In addition, this ingredient has proof of regulation of the glycemic index. Because it contains caffeine naturally, it also provides energy for everyday life and can be used as a pre-workout


RECOMMENDATION Sportsmen, body-builders, athletes, people in search of definition, selective reduction of lean mass.
BENEFITS The clinical study demonstrates 5.7% of body weight loss over 2 months of supplementation and a 10% reduction in IMC
Pilot study shows effect on blood sugar levels
Study demonstrates the benefits of Svetol® in reducing fat mass. The clinical study shows an effective result for losing weight, as there is no loss of water or muscle, eliminating only fat.
DIFFERENTIALS Café Marita Verde is the Coffee of definition and thermogenesis, with 270mg of t-CGA and 9 published clinical studies that prove its effectiveness for definition.
HOW TO USE 3 teaspoons (3 doses) a day.
COMPOSITION Coffee beans in medium-dark roast of Brazilian origin Dehydrated by Spray-dryer (customized blend of conilon and arabica in the right measure), ileXX® and Svetol®.
AGAINST INDICATIONS Pregnant women, nursing mothers and children should not consume this product.
ALLERGEN May contain milk, barley and soy derivatives.

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